At Dekalb Surveys, we have more than 15 years experience in high volume builder services. From the initial HLP, LDP or RDP submttal to the final asbuilt survey for sales, we will handle the entire process.

In addition, our experience with the final platting process throughout the Atlanta area allows us to take over any partially developed subdivision and bring it up to current standards for final platting & continued development.

We have tracked home sites from start to finish in some of the largest subdivisions in the Metro Atlanta area  for national builders.

We will:

  • Handle LDP, HLP or RDP production, including comments for approval
  • Compute & stake house & other improvements, as needed
  • Check, verify accuracy/location of foundation 
  • Pin footers
  • Asbuilt finished site for sale

All of this is scheduled in a coordinated manner as not to delay production.

From single family homes to townhomes, we will keep the flow of construction smooth. With our experience of,  the various municipal requirements, comments are addressed & permits are obtained with minimal delay.