I moved to Atlanta, Georgia in ’81 and met Joe and Jean King not long afterwards. I had, (and still have), a love for the outdoors and through that, met a couple who had a store in Decatur that suited my needs. The store on Church Street was a good place to stop by, even if just to look and visit; and much like the man himself. Our time together soon evolved to a lasting friendship and I soon found that Joe was also a Land Surveyor.

I spent my first dozen years learning the ABC’s of surveying at an engineering company in downtown Atlanta. The next fifteen years were spent at another surveying/engineering firm keeping up with the exponentially advancing technology in the field.

It was through my relationship with Joe King, I learned about the passion, dedication and search for the truth, that surveying entails.

This "truth and honesty" that I had learned, and, am still learning from him, goes far beyond our profession.

I am proud to know Joe King. And Pat & I are honored to be able to continue to offer his quality of work and personal attention to you