Joe King opened Dekalb Surveys in the City of Decatur in 1965. In May of 2010, Joe retired and moved to New Hampshire. At that time, Patrick Carey and Jonny Coe bought Dekalb Surveys with plans to continue serving the area with the same care and attention that Joe had given for so many years.

Let Joe tell you how Dekalb Surveys came to be in his own words.

"I started my business in 1965 in the Hooper building on Marshal Street one block west of Clairmont Avenue, the street is still there today but the Hooper building isn't. My office was right next door to the Atlanta Title Co. building, and only a block away from the old court house. Wow what a location! and near a lot of real estate lawyers as well. After a while, I moved over to The glass building right next door to the old court house. In 1977 I decided that I did not want to survey the rest of my life so I moved down (north) a couple of blocks on Church Street and opened a backpacking store called Mountain Ventures. I not sure how much more info you would like, but it's pretty obvious that I did wind up surveying nearly the rest of my life. I do not regret any part of my journey through life and I have a lot of friends to thank.

Your friend,