If you are buying or selling property, a survey will:

  • Define exactly what is being bought and/or sold
  • Show the location of all improvements (such as buildings, fences, drives, etc.)
  • Determine whether the legal deeds reflect the actual property. The Surveyor can update the deed as necessary, which will preserve your property rights into the future
  • Provide physical markings of the described property corners & along property lines, if desired
  • Locate any easements that may impact the property
  • Identify any encroachments by adjoining property owners
  • Determine if property is impacted by floodplain
  • Be necessary prior to potentially subdividing property
  • Assure proper location of new construction

Boundary, Topographic & Tree Location Surveys may be required for Site Plans, as required by Local Governments for property improvements such as new construction or additions. Dekalb Surveys is familiar with the requirements of many of the metro counties with regard to Site Plan requirements.